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Watch Tim Montana Live Large in Outrageous 'Hillbilly Rich' Video

Oct 3 | Posted by: Tim Montana

What exactly does "Hillbilly Rich" look like? Tim Montana released his fist-pumping ode to redneck swag under that title earlier this month, and now the song has a suitably outlandish new music video complete with guns, girls, and expensive cars.

The "Hillbilly Rich" video starts with Montana at the shooting range, where he gets mistaken for a valet driver and proceeds to take a Rolls Royce out for a joyride. Popping through the drive thru at Checkers is high-brow enough for his tastes, until he finds an invite in the glove box for a party at a mansion. The owners of the car catch up with Montana at the party, where he tries disguising himself as a member of the band (far more plausible than a valet driver) before finally escaping to a yacht, via helicopter. Hillbilly or not, the guy knows how to dream big.

Montana and his band, who recently dropped the Shrednecks portion of their moniker, play their next show in real life at Upstate Harley Davidson in Greenville, South Carolina on Wednesday, September 27th.

You can find the link here

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